Project managers today need  to demonstrate many leadership qualities. The leadership aspect becomes more important in large, complicated projects. Here is a list of top leadership qualities of a good project manager:


1. Project managers who are good at leadership have a vision with regard to the project. They are able to communicate this vision to team members. They are able to explain to team members how that vision could be achieved.


2. Good leadership in project management is often underpinned on the communication ability of the project manager. The manager should be able to clearly express himself or herself. He or she should be a good listener. Being a good listener enables the manager to explain things clearly to team members.


3. Effective leadership on the part of project managers requires integrity in approach. Integrity implies ethical behavior. Team members are inspired to behave ethically when they see integrity in the project manager.


4. Project managers who are good leaders tend to be enthusiastic in their behavior. They have a positive approach to things. Their enthusiasm and positivity spreads to the team members and results in better implementation.


5. In order to be an effective leader, project managers need to be competent. They should be competent enough to understand the requirements of a project. Competent managers are more successful in motivating subordinates and team members.


6. Project managers who prove to be good leaders are often those who delegate responsibilities to team members. Such managers are not just hands-on in their approach but also put faith in the ability of others. They believe in empowering their team members.


7. Leadership on the part of project manager requires the ability to handle pressure situations. Good leaders are able to maintain their calm and poise in unforeseen, contingency situations. They possess the ability to steer the ship in stormy weather.


8. Leadership in project management is more effective when the project manager has good interpersonal skills. The interpersonal skills of the project manager enable team building and forging of good relationships between team members.


9. And last but not the least, project managers who are good leaders have excellent problem solving skills. They have the ability to look at a problem from different perspectives. They are able to think creatively and come out with innovative solutions. They do not shy away from problems but face them.


To sum it up, in order to be a good leader a project manager should have vision, good communication skills, integrity of character, enthusiasm in behavior, competency, ability to delegate responsibility, good interpersonal skills and problem solving skills. All of these traits can be nurtured through right education, right training and the desire to evolve on the part of the project manager.




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