2-online-and-offline-marketingDo you know the similarity between marketing and story writing? It is the out of the box ideas and planned execution that hits the chord among target audience in both the processes.

With inception of digital marketing, various marketers are losing belief in offline marketing.

But if done creatively, offline marketing ideas can still create a huge impact among potential customers.

Let’s look at some awesome offline marketing strategies which work effectively for both startups and big brands:

  • Bookmarks and pens

Merchandise like bookmarks and pens with brand’s brief description can be donated to local libraries. These require small investment and benefits are long term. You can also distribute these during some local events or literary festivals.

  • Flash mobs

Marketers can organize flash mob in places like malls, popular shopping complexes, parks etc. These help in creating positive buzz for your company due to surprise factor added with it. A colorful street festival can also turn your products / services into renowned brand.

  • Participate in trade shows

Make sure the banner representing your stall in a trade show is vibrant and clearly visible. It is definitely attract potential clients and will ensure that image of your brand remains in their mind for a longer duration.

  • Turn infographics into pamphlets

Take support of creative writers and designers for creating informative and attractive infographics associated with your brand. Get them printed in bulk and distribute among the regions where your target audience is located.

  • Take help of journalists and critics

Make sure to develop a good bond with journalists and review writers of local media. These writers have a big following and words written by them in their respective channel / newspaper / magazine about your brand will develop a lasting impression among readers.

  • Attach discount with pamphlets

Adding discount coupons with pamphlets and leaflets will definitely draw more attention of customers towards your brand. It makes sure that they use your product / service at least once to redeem the coupon.

  • Offer freebies to regular customers

An important strategy to build a long term relation with loyal customers is offer them freebies like CD-ROMs, magazines and mobile covers etc. This will help in creating positive word of mouth for your brand. Giving special discounts for these special customers also improves the loyalty towards your brand.

  • Car stickers

Applying big stickers representing your brands on your car can add visibility on the move. You can also take support of auto-rickshaws and e-rickshaws for placing banner ads on the back of these vehicles.

Remember, you don’t have to implement ideas at once. You can choose a mix of these strategies and apply them as per the budget and time allotted for the brand.

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