microsoft-project Effective project management is one of the critical factors of success in a project. Successful project managers show certain traits and qualities that distinguish them from others. They have the openness of mind to look at issues from a variety of different perspectives.


This ability enables them to understand the expectations of the different stakeholders of a project.

Effective project managers continuously communicate with the client. This helps them in understanding the expectations of the client from the project. Communication plays an important role in the success of a project. Continuous communication enables project managers to make changes to implementation according to the evolving requirements of the client.



Empirical evidence shows that successful project managers are sensitive to the needs of the team members. They treat team members well and are therefore able to motivate them to give their best to the project.



Project managers need to continuously keep in mind the key deliverables that the project has promised during the course of the project. In the details of implementation, successful project managers do not lose sight of the larger picture; of what the project intends to achieve ultimately on completion.



Effective project management requires effective collaboration between team members. Where cross-functional teams are involved, collaboration becomes even more important. Good project managers therefore place a lot of value on cultivating positive relationships, which facilitate collaboration between the members of the project team.



Every project is a learning opportunity for effective project managers. They learn during the entire course of the project. This continuous learning makes them capable of serving the customers and other stakeholders of the project in a better way. Each passing project becomes an opportunity of personal and professional evolution for them.



A project requires coordination of activities across the team. Effective project managers pay a lot of attention to coordination. They are clear with regard to delegation of responsibilities and explanation of budgetary & time schedules.



Effective project managers are, almost always, good listeners. This ability helps them to understand the expectations of the stakeholders of the project. It helps them to communicate more effectively with team members and subordinates.

And most importantly, effect project managers always factor in the invisible, the uncertain. They are ready with contingency responses in case of materialization of uncertainties. The cognizance of the uncertainty aspect equips project managers to respond more effectively to crisis situations. It lends them flexibility in approach that is required for dealing in an uncertain environment.



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