building_workforce_plan_millennials-100592570-primary.idgeEmployees are the most precious assets of any firm. It is therefore essential for every company to retain the workers especially those who are delivering the best to the company. Other than good remuneration, there are other strategies which also develop the loyalty of the employees towards the company.

Here are some important tips which must be followed by companies to retain the best talent.


Tip # 1: Hire the best

This is very first step to ensure that employees are there for a long term with you. Analyze the record of the candidate in previous companies and make sure that the attrition rate was less.

Tip # 2: Avoid stiff regulations

Too many rules and regulations may give result in discomfort to the employee. As a result, he / she will start looking for alternative options where regulations are relaxed. So, it is essential to purge off unnecessary rules from the company.

Tip # 3: Give flexibility in timings

A modern day worker prefers working in a flexible environment where timings can be adjusted as per the comfort. This also boosts the productivity of the employee. Also, keep open the option of work from home for at least two days a week. You will be surprised with the loyalty of the employees to the company.

Tip # 4: Share achievements and policies

Every small or big achievement by the company must be shared with every employee. This can take place in the form of a small celebration in office or outside. Following this technique helps in developing a bond with the employees. Also, every policy change must also be circulated immediately throughout the organization.

Tip # 5: Special bonus for employees working for long time

There should be a policy to offer special bonus for those employees which are working in the company for long time. This will become a strong reason for employees to stay in the company for an extended period.

Tip # 6: Give them opportunities to learn

Ambitious employees love to learn more about their domain as it is beneficial for the career. Organize training sessions on regular basis where employees can get chance to develop skills related to their responsibility. Also, sessions related to communication skills, personality development and behaviouaral training must take place in the office on regular basis.

Tip # 7: Offer small perks

There are various perks that can be provided by the company which can ease the lives of employees. Some of these include free health checkup camp, discount coupon for groceries and tickets for some concerts etc. The employees will appreciate these small gestures by the company and will love to stay with it for extensive period.

 So, make sure that include a blend of these strategies to ensure that your competent workers stay with you for long and help in achieving the company’s objectives.

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