twitter_bird_brand_me1Corporate branding means branding of the entire company rather than of a particular product or service. The aim of corporate branding is to create a good brand image of the company. A good brand image lends credibility to the products and services of the company. The positive corporate image results in positive brand equity. Brand equity means the extra value that customers associate with a product because of its brand name.



Increasing number of companies are using social media for corporate branding. Twitter is one such social media site that is being widely used by companies for their corporate branding. Twitter is being used by companies for continuous interaction with their stakeholders in order to create a positive corporate image. It is to be remembered that corporate branding is a 360 degree exercise that includes all the stakeholders. The main stakeholders of a company are: shareholders & creditors, customers, employees, suppliers, state and the community.


Twitter is used by every stakeholder group of a company. Companies post regular tweets on Twitter as part of their corporate branding efforts. These tweets highlight the important achievements of the business. They serve to increase transparency and keep stakeholders informed about developments at the company. The feedback of stakeholders is also taken on Twitter.


Features on Twitter such as Slide-share presentations and photo-sharing are being increasingly used by companies to create their corporate brand image and reinforce them continuously. Brand elements like the corporate logo add to the brand image of the company. Animated brand elements can also be shared on Twitter through the Gif feature.


Twitter also provides a free analytics service. The most popular tweets, the response of followers to a tweet etc are identified and shared with the user at the end of every week. This feature can be used to make the corporate branding exercise more effective. Content is the most important critical factor of success in corporate branding initiatives on social media and micro-blogging sites like Twitter.


Companies that are not doing corporate branding on social media are missing an important channel of communication. This channel of communication is likely to emerge as the most important one in the near future.Corporate branding on social media can be done at a fraction of cost of doing so on traditional media like television and print. Twitter and many other social media sites provide great convenience to companies and businesses when it comes to corporate branding. Actually corporate branding was never easier than what it is in this age of Twitter and Twitterati!


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