Digital-marketing-2In this age of social media, promotion of products on social media platforms like Facebook is very effective strategy for businesses, especially for new, startup ones.


The challenge however is how to make the promotional campaign of the product or service go viral in a big way. By viral it is meant how to make more of social media users see your promotional campaign and share it with other users on the network.One way to make the social media promotional campaign go viral is to offer some incentive to customers and existing users of the product to promote the social media campaign with their friends and other people in their network. An example of such an incentive is offering discounts to customers if they share the social media campaign of the company with a minimum number of people in their network.


Another effective way is to give an emotional incentive to customers to share the social media promotional campaign with others. Long ago from the current age of digital, interconnected world, Coca-Cola achieved this feat through its iconic Santa Claus campaign. In the decade of 30s, America was struggling in the aftermath of the Great Depression. Coco-cola came up with an advertising campaign that showed a cheerful Santa Claus, dressed in red and white and giving gifts to people. The image was able to emotionally motivate ordinary Americans.


It became a talking point; customers talked about the campaign and spread the word-of-mouth publicity. An emotional social media campaign can make customers share information about the product with others in their network.If the product is such that sharing its benefits enhances the value of the product then it is easier to make the promotional campaigns go viral. For instance a digital camera company can encourage customers to share online the photos taken by their digital camera on the company’s social media page.


When a product or service is aligned with a powerful, positive idea then existing customers are encouraged to spread word-of-mouth about the product on social media. Cadbury has been very successful in doing this in India. Its promotional campaign, “There is something special in each of us,” has encouraged generations of customers to talk about it and spread word-of-mouth about the chocolates.


Customers can have doubts about the product or service of a new company or business. The company should then encourage those who have used the product or service to share their positive experience with using the product or service with others in their network. In return the company can offer these users some monetary incentives like free future usage or discounts. It can thus turn a weakness into strength by getting these customers go viral with their positive campaign about the company and recruit new customers.



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