kk1 E-mail marketing means sending of marketing messages to prospective customers and existing customers using the e-mail. Most companies follow a set format while pursuing e-mail marketing. They write a standard marketing message and then send it to the e-mails of prospective customers that are there in their database. This standard format has greatly reduced the effectiveness of e-mail marketing. A few simple steps can greatly enhance its effectiveness.


The first and foremost of these steps is to start taking e-mail marketing as a conversation between the company and the prospective customer. Therefore the first e-mail that is sent as part of e-mail marketing by the business should have a few short, sentences, only containing the core marketing message. This short e-mail should encourage dialogue between the company and the customer. This ensures that the prospective customer reads the mail. When the initial e-mail is too long, containing too much information, most of the prospective customers tend to ignore it and treat it as a marketing spam.


When the initial e-mail is short and direct, a prospective customer is more likely to read it and respond to it. The purpose of most e-mail marketing is to seek appointment with the prospective customer. This appointment can be telephonic or face-to-face.Once a prospective customer has responded to the mail, the next step is to do research on what are the specific needs of that individual. The next e-mail should focus on how the product or service of the company can fulfill the specific need of the individual. After receiving this mail the prospective customer is much more likely to give attention to the value proposition offered by the business.


When a prospective customer ignores the initial e-mail, a company can send him or her e-mail reminders. But these reminders should not be more than three. If a prospective customer still doesn’t respond then it is advisable that the business should stop pursuing him or her.These simple e-mail marketing steps are as relevant for business-to-business marketing as they are for business-to-customer segment. Usually the response rate of e-mail marketing is as low as 1%. By implementing the steps recommended above the effectiveness of this mode of marketing can be increased to as high as 50% – to- 80%.E-mail marketing is a very potent tool for recruiting new customers and retaining existing ones. Companies and businesses are just not using it rightly.


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