Before we talk about the current state of Big Data and Cloud computing we need to understand what are they and why are they becoming so important in today’s world?

Big Data simply put means collection of data from various sources of technology used by us. We use mobiles, cars, railways, transport system, social media and the list goes on. All these technological devices used by us generate data. The generation of this data put together becomes Big Data. This Big Data needs analysis and storage somewhere and that is where Cloud Computing comes in to the scene.

Cloud Computing means storing of huge amounts of Data using the internet. Every thing from Facebook to emails on the go, utility bills payment is all done online and is done making use of cloud computing. Cloud computing is now becoming the most widely used computer system these days.

Current State of Big Data and Cloud Computing

Big Data a relatively new stream in IT Industry is growing really fast and is expected to keep growing in the near future. Presently Big Data constitute one tenth of the IT Market. The growth that we will witness would be approximately One Third by the year 2020. Big Data is a complicated subject which needs through analysis. The subject of storing Big amount of data requires us to generate data storage tools which will be able to safely store the ever increasing amount of data.

Cloud Computing Cloud Computing is the present go to system for Data storage used by individuals and businesses alike. Cloud computing has a worldwide growth of over 30%. Cloud computing is witnessing growth both in public and private cloud markets. The future looks pretty promising as well.

Future opportunities for Big Data and Cloud Computing-

The future seems very promising for both Big Data and Cloud Computing. Both the technologies are interdependent on each other. Big Data requires cloud computing for storage and the more the use of data the more the need for Cloud Computing. The future for both Big Data and Cloud computing is convergence and growth for both technologies.

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