google adwordsGoogle AdWords is a paid advertising service of Google. A business can create its online advertisement using Google AdWords. This advertisement is then shown by Google next to the search results that it shows on its search engine page. Every time somebody clicks on the advertisement of a company on Google search engine page, the advertiser-business has to pay some amount to Google, depending on the ad rate.

Google’s share of the global search engine market is a whopping 62.3%, according to data from NetMarketShare. This makes Google AdWords a very effective tool for promotions, especially for small businesses which have some form of online presence, like the website of their business.

In order to effectively advertise using Google AdWords a few things need to be kept in mind. The keywords that are used in the advertising message are very important. It is on the basis of these keywords that Google displays the advertisement of a business when a particular search word is put in its search engine bar by a user. For example if your business is one of selling books online then your advertisement on Google AdWords will be displayed if some user types ‘books’ on the search engine bar of Google. Therefore it is very important to put the right keywords in your Google AdWords advertisement.

Care should be taken that not too broad keywords are there in your advertisement. The keywords used should be specific; they should define your business as closely as possible. Too many keywords should not be there in your advertisement. A few keywords and those keywords should be able to specifically give an idea about the value proposition of your business.

Your Google AdWords advertisement should have a link that takes the user clicking on your ad to an attractive landing page that is easy to navigate. This page should easily give the information that the user visiting your page is looking for. If your website sells goods online then the user clicking on your ad should be immediately taken to the page which displays the goods on sale. A business should run a number of different ads of the business using Google AdWords at the same time. Rotation of ads helps in breaking through the digital marketing noise and attracting the attention of users.

Last, but not the least, advertising on Google AdWords incurs costs for the business. The returns on this investment in advertising on Google AdWords should be continuously measured by tracking the amount of sales generated through Google AdWords.  Google AdWords can be leveraged by small businesses to advertise themselves to a very large audience. It is a big opportunity indeed, if done rightly!

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