SIX SIGMA Certifications_thumb[2] Six sigma training helps an individual become a better manager. A manager should be able to analyze facts that are available before him or her.Objective analysis of facts plays a very important role in decision-making.


One of the key things than an individual learns in six sigma training is how to analyze facts objectively. How to determine the causal relationship between output and inputs?An individual trained in Six Sigma relies on hard facts while making decisions. This greatly improves the quality of managerial decisions made. Often managers make wrong decisions because they do not rely on hard facts; they tend to make decisions on the basis of rhetoric, anecdotal evidence or gut feeling.


A manager trained in Six Sigma philosophy places a lot of emphasis on gathering of data and information so that more informed decisions can be made.Most importantly, training in Six Sigma gives an individual a process oriented mindset.This process oriented mindset is the hallmark of most successful managers. Instead of focusing on goals these managers focus on the processes. If the processes are right then the goals and objectives will automatically be achieved.


Many managers prove to be ineffective because they focus too much on achievement of goals and objectives without creating the right processes that are required for achievement of those goals.The defining feature of Six Sigma is the focus on continuous improvement. A manager trained in this philosophy never gets complacent because he or she strives for continuous improvement of the processes. This emphasis on continuous improvement results in superior managerial performance.


Managers trained in Six Sigma are also better at working in a team environment. They are able to facilitate collaboration between team members and motivate them to perform better.Organizations should spend in training their managers in Six Sigma philosophy. The investments that they make in this training will be returned in the form of better organizational performance. Better managerial talent than rivals can become a source of sustainable competitive advantage. There are many training consultancies in India that are devoted to training managers in Six Sigma. Companies can use these consultancies for training their managers in Six Sigma.



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