Future+of+content+marketingContent marketing is the creation and distribution of content among the target customer audience.The aim of content marketing is to inform the target audience about the value proposition of the business and to trigger purchase behavior that is profitable for the business.Content marketing is also driven by the objective of customer relationship management.The significance of content marketing has increased because of the rise of internet marketing, especially social media marketing.


Content marketing is a very effective tool for small businesses and companies that have a limited marketing budget. The most important thing in this type of marketing is the quality of content.If the quality of content is interesting to read then it will be more effective in driving positive, desirable behavior in the target audience. The marketing goals of the business should also be kept in mind while writing the content.


The quality of the user interface on which content is visible also has a major influence on the target audience.The effectiveness of content marketing increases when its impact is continuously tracked by the marketer.The Return on Investment (ROI) can be tracked by identifying engagement metrics and growth metrics.Engagement metrics measure how successful content marketing is in attracting the interest of the target audience to the web page of the company.Growth metrics measure the success of content marketing in increasing sales, customer base and profitability of the business.


A business can analyze the effectiveness of its content marketing by using tools like Google Analytics. Google Analytics throws up such insights like number of visits to the content page daily, source of these visits etc.Content Score is software which enables the marketer to see which marketing content is performing best in terms of engaging target audience. BuzzSumo software is similar to Content Score in that it helps the marketer get an idea about which content is most popular in the target audience. Buffer application is designed especially for tracking the effectiveness of content on social media.


A business can greatly increase the effectiveness of its content marketing by creating content that is interesting, informative and easy-to-read. By continuously tracking the effectiveness of content marketing and its ROI, the business can generate greater value for every dollar spent on content marketing.Small businesses should use content marketing more for increasing their reach and market penetration.It is highly effective in recruitment of new customers and retaining existing ones.

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