Picture1What do you think is the key to a successful sale? Is it years of work experience? Is it skills? Is it an art? Well, answer could be a bit of all- in the right mix. Anybody could crack a deal if he knows a few things and uses them appropriately.

First, of all whether it is your first job or fifth, you need to have passion to sell. You should enjoy meeting new people and giving presentations.Second, You need to know what you sell- very well. That means knowledge is crucial.If you are new to the company, ask for training before you start your job. If your organisation does not provide training and you are expected to hit the ground running then hit the ground running. But do the training yourself. That means spend enough time and efforts in understanding about what you are expected to sell.

Then, you need to identify the needs of your customers before you start pitching for your products or services to them.It is essential to highlight the benefits of your service or product to the client.It is important that clients understand the prospects of a good service. Approaching customers with confidence is important. It is important to offer what you have with confidence as it implies that your product or service has value. There needs to be a genuine interest in customer as self-serving manipulation is complete turn off. Further the clients are smart enough to sense it.

If you can, then try to findthe buying behaviours of your clients. Do not profile them on the basis of their appearance as you know looks could be deceptive.However, effective researching about the company, customer, buying behaviour and their upcoming requirements could help you go a long way.

It also helps to know your best clients well and profiling their specific characteristics to know what sort of customers you should target in future. In sales, competition is acute. Sometimes very sharp… resulting in jealousy.If you face jealousy, then do not let it drag you down. However, what really makes one successful is by helping, aligning and seeking ways to serve others. Yes, you read it right. It always helps to be helpful to others.

It is crucial to target your existing client base time and again and making it easy for them to buy from you each time. This means keeping the process simple, being approachable, available and ready to delight them each time. Principles of successful sales usually remain same with tweaks here and there-whether you are selling IT services, microchips, customised applications or hotel rooms, travel deals or credit cards or insurance. It is just the application of these principles – that make all the difference.

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Neeti Keswani is a passionate writer and trainer with 11+ years of experience in the industry. She has worked with global conglomerates like GE, Polaris, Standard Chartered Bank, Hewitt Associates.She is presently working freelancing for various online media, both here in India and London, UK. She has solid HR, Marketing and Operations management background.She has innate ability to translate technology into compelling simple messages. Her extensive business partnering experience to develop sustainable relationships with clients at CXO levels has helped her gain insights and develop effective solutions for clients.She writes and speaks fervently on current topics of importance to global companies. Her bespoke style of training instantly connects the trainees with the subject.

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