software-pm Project management is not an easy thing. This is clearly reflected in the high rate of failure in project management.According to various studies on the subject, 60% of the projects fail in achieving all the goals that they had set for them at the beginning.


Project managers hesitate in accepting this but almost every project manager has experienced project failures of some kind.Project failures can be in various forms. It can be in the form of failure to deliver the scope of the project or it can be in the form of the project being delivered way beyond the schedule or it can be in the form of the project suffering from cost overruns. A project is said to be completely successful when it is delivered on time, within budget, and as per the scope.


A few simple actions on the part of project managers can increase the success rate of project management. The project manager should set out a detailed, elaborate schedule of the various aspects of the project. Software tools like Microsoft Project can be very helpful in preparing the project schedule and tracking it. The project schedule should be continuously tracked during the course of the project. The critical activities of the project should be identified. A critical activity is an activity that if delayed will delay the entire project. A project manager needs to pay special attention to the schedule of critical activities.


Another thing that project managers need to remember is that the cost, schedule and scope of the project are tied to each other. So if any of these aspects is changed midway the other two will also be affected. Many times project managers get ambitious and try to enhance the scope of the project midway during the course of the project without factoring in the accompanying increase in cost and schedule. Cost, schedule and scope of the project should be in harmony in order for the project to be successful.


Last, but not the least, collaboration between team members is one of the critical factors of success in project management. Project managers should encourage collaboration between team members. If any individual member, because of his or her skills and abilities, thinks that he or she can come out a hero from the project by acting alone then the project manager should discourage such an individual. Every team member should realize that projects cannot be accomplished successfully without collaboration between team members.Simple things that come with an eye for detail can greatly enhance the effectiveness of project managers. God, after all, lies in details.



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