38e46bbc86061e0092321b2187480efdWith ever increasing internet penetration in a growing economy like India, Digital Marketing is increasingly becoming a necessity rather an option for the marketers. With increasing number of internet users, the amount of time spent online is also on the rise. As our lives begin to center around mediums such as PCs, smartphones, cellphones, tablets and gaming consoles, marketers are being able to track and tap into many aspects of consumer behaviour. And with so much clutter across channels and mediums, unique story-telling becomes the key to catch your user’s attention.

According to last year’s article in Times of India, around 1.5 lac jobs are expected to be created in Digital Marketing space by 2016, further stressing upon its importance. If we look at it from an industry perspective, e-commerce solely thrives on online transactions – from booking tickets to transferring funds to purchasing day-to-day stuff. It has, in fact, given birth to new forms of marketing such as affiliate, remarketing, cashback schemes etc.

Apart from this, social media networks and their growing impact on a users’ life has led to marketers looking at this medium as the most-desired destination to find their target group. With over 92 million users in the country, India has become the second largest market for Facebook after US. Out of the total, 50% of the audience belongs to the teen age-group of 18 – 24 years, which is the main target group for most of the brands today.

In a nutshell, it would be safe to say that Digital Marketing has altered by leaps and bounds in all these years and if the companies want to stay in the game, they need to up the ante and create a seamless branding experience across all media channels. While customers have the option to access information across various channels, it is also a challenge for the marketers to tweak their campaigns as per the platforms.

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