software-pm The success of a project depends on a lot of factors and initiatives taken by the project manager. Some of these critical success factors (CSFs) are outlined below:


The most important CSF is that the project manager should show respect for team members. Often project managers treat their team members as subordinates and hesitate in showing respect to them. The project manager should first show respect to team members and then only he or she will be able to get respect from them. Project managers who are respectful towards team members are able to motivate them to perform better. The success of a project depends on the performance of team members. When team members are motivated they are likely to perform better. Ineffective project managers often have a disrespectful attitude towards team members.


The project manager should take steps to ensure that the top leadership of the organization shows enough support and commitment for the project. If the top leadership doesn’t show support and commitment for the project then it becomes very difficult to get commitment and support of the lower hierarchies and team members for the project.


The project leader should have the ability to choose the right people for the project team. By right people it implies people who have the skills and capabilities required for successful implementation of the project.


The project leader should establish communication channels within the project team. The communication channels ensure effective communication within the project team. Good communication is one of the critical factors of success for any project. Often project managers fail in realizing the importance of good communication in project management. A project requires effective collaboration on the part of team members. Without effective communication, effective collaboration between team members cannot be achieved.


Effective communication is transparent in nature and is both upwards and downwards. The project manager also needs to maintain good communication with other stakeholders of the project, which includes the client or customer for whom the project is being done.


Project managers should not be negative in their approach. They should be able to see the positive side of everything. When they are able to see the positive side of even the grimmest of situations, they are able to take steps to improve the situation. Such project managers do not show the tendency of putting the blame on luck or other irrelevant external factors. They have the tendency to keep on striving until the goals and objectives are achieved. They are realistic, not pessimistic.



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