Big Data Analytics CareerBig data is seeing a tremendous activity these days. But merely investing money in technology is not sufficient for big data success. You need to keep in mind the below mentioned three key ingredients for the recipe of successful big data analytics career:

Desirability: This means identifying the problem which needs to be resolved. It may be a known or unknown problem or both. Businesses should focus on the correct problems while developing their solutions.

Feasibility: It refers to finding the tools and skills resources to tackle the problem. Tools for tackling the problem are of two types:

  • Data Lakes: Data Lakes are storehouses of data. After identifying the problem, collect appropriate data and create data lakes. Data lakes contain data in structured, semi-structured and unstructured forms.
  • Open Source Tools:These tools have a wide range of capabilities including predictive analysis, insights and forecasting, etc. Open source tools assist in codifying and automating operations thus decreasing the need of human intervention and that too at an affordable cost.

Automation of data management is the most important skill resource in big data analytics. It gives freedom to people resources by eliminating low-level manual processes. These freed resources can contribute to other valuable processes. The basic use of automation is to analyze data and find anomalies at a very fast rate.

Viability: This means measuring the problem’s business value for the enterprise. The problem should be viable enough to find its solution.

Now, you have the recipe for successful big data analytics career and you are ready to go!!

 How can Big Data Analytics Certification help your Career?

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