For those who want a career in production planning and control, it is necessary to know the role and scope of production planning and control.

Area where Production Planning and Control Professional Required

  • Materials: We need to plan the purchase of components, spare parts and raw materials in the right quantities. Planning for specifications at the right price, time and from the right price is also required. Some other activities related to materials are storage, variety reduction, purchasing, value analysis, standardization, inventory control and inspection.
  • Methods: Selecting the most appropriate method of processing from several options available is also the role and scope of production planning and control.
  • Machines and equipment: Manufacturing methods include production facilities like utilization and allocation of machines, plant and equipment, capacity planning etc.
  • Manpower: Planning is also required for the managerial, labor, and supervisory levels to possess proper skills and expertise.
  • Routing: Role and scope of production, planning and control also includes determination of workflow, processing steps or operations sequence and material handling in the plant.
  • Estimating: Setting up operation times resulting in performance standards fixation for both machines and workers is also the role and scope of production, planning and control.
  • Loading and scheduling: Loading refers to allocation of jobs to machines in combination with routing while giving importance to priority jobs and machines capacity for maximum utilization of machines. Scheduling makes sure that sub-assemblies, finished products and parts are finished according to the needed delivery dates.
  • Dispatching: This refers to the discharge of instructions and orders for beginning production as per schedule charts and route sheets.
  • Expediting: This refers to follow up which is conducted after the dispatching function.
  • Inspection: This refers to quality maintenance in production, efficiency evaluation of the labor, processes and methods so that quality standards can be met by making improvements.
  • Evaluating: Evaluation is necessary for improvement of performance. Labor, machines and processes’ performances are assessed to make improvements.
  • Cost Control: Role and scope of production, planning and control is also required for controlling efficient utilization of all resources, value analysis, waste reduction and inventory control.

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