Implementation of Project Management in Small Companies

It is of utmost importance for businesses whether small or big to acquire project goals within the specified budget and timeframe. Project goal is the other name for business values and you must be aware that achieving this is a bit difficult for small organizations as compared to big organizations.  It is more convenient if the small businesses acquire project management certification to create a good impression upon the clients. In this blog, we will discuss the various ways in which project management certification can boost small businesses.

Let’s discuss the ways one by one:

  • Assessing Progress of Project Accurately:

  • With the help of project management certification you can keep a track of your project in real time. This is extremely necessary for the successful completion of any project. Project management tools like agile and kanban can facilitate greater association between the team members so that they search for the best methods to deliver the project within the given time frame and budget.
  • Better Idea of Resource Capability:

  • Proper planning for resource capability also enhances the chances of successful delivery of a project. You can analyze the impact of a specific project on your available resource in time. This will help you in managing the expectations of customers in a better way and thus enhancing the total business productivity. Thus, through project management certification you can match or even exceed your customers’ expectations.
  • Improved Team Collaboration:

  • Project management certification helps in not only tracking time and creating invoices and reports but also in encouraging your team members for knowledge sharing and working in synergy throughout the project. Hence instead of pursuing their own individual objectives, each member of the team makes a useful contribution towards achieving the project goal.
  • Better Cash Flow and Improved Cash Control: Without project management certification, it is almost impossible to formulate a project budget. With the help of project management tools, you can easily develop project budgets by directly focusing on the project plans or estimates. You are able to monitor budget and have a clear insight into the company’s present and future financial forecasts. As project management allows a fully automated billing system, payment can be made in real time, thus ensuring better cash flow.

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Advantages of Having PMP Certification

Project Management Professionals Certification is the highest standard of project management certification in the world. So, if you are a project manager it makes sense for you to get PMP certified. In the last 20 years, over 600,000 project managers across the world have become PMP certified. Project Management Professional certification is the most respected project management certification in the world.
The question that comes to mind is: Why should I go for the PMP certification? The answer to the question is looking at the benefits which comes with the PMP certification:

  • You become more attractive to employers– A PMP certified project manager is more attractive to prospective employers as you demonstrate an ongoing commitment to learning and understanding.
  • Higher Salary – PMP certified professionals command higher salary as you are considered more knowledgeable and since worth more value to the organisation. On an average PMP certified project managers draw at least 20% higher salary than other non PMP certified managers.
  • Increase Revenue for organisation– PMP certification will result in increased revenue for your organisation. Clients would actually have more confidence in your abilities and would be ready to pay more for the products or services offered.
  • Competitive Advantage – PMP certification puts you at a competitive advantage over others. PMP certification mentioned in your CV will allow you to shine and command attention.
  • Improves your communication skills– PMP certification means that you speak the same language as any other PMP certified project manager in the world. This gives you a upper hand when it comes to communication skill in the project management field.
  • Global Networking Opportunities – PMP certification opens up Global Networking opportunities with fellow Project manager professionals.
  • Helps you in becoming Leader– PMP certification makes you a better leader. You can use your credentials to educate your peers. PMP certification will help you act as a mentor or coach which will in turn help you gain leadership experience.

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