Six Sigma Green Belt DMAIC Methodology

Six Sigma is a quality improvement or problem solving methodology. Six Sigma was developed by Motorola in the year 1986. The Goal of Six Sigma is to improve quality by improving the processes and the output by removing and identifying the causes of defects and errors by minimising variability in manufacturing and business processes. In simple terms Six Sigma means the products produced have almost perfect quality. Six Sigma focusses on 3.4 defects per millions products.

Six Sigma DMAIC methodology :

DMAIC is the most important tool used in the Six Sigma process. Each letter stands for the specific stage in this process tool.

D stands for Define stage in the DMAIC methodology –

In the Define stage the project targets and deliverables both external and internal are defined. This phase is all about defining the problem and the goals of improvement activity. In this phase the team answers the question “What is Important for the business”?

M stands for Measure stage in the DMAIC methodology-

This phase involves the measuring of the existing system. In this phase the team identifies the data that is available and its source. They develop a plan to collate it, do the actual data collection and summarise it. In this phase the team answers the question “ How are we doing with the current process”?

A stands for Analyse stage –

In this phase the team analyse the process to identifies ways to eliminate the gap between the current performance and the desired goals. The team uses statistical data analysis techniques to arrive at validated root cause of the problem. In this phase the team answers the question “ What is wrong with the current process?”

I stands for Improve phase –

This phase is all about proposing and selecting a solution to improve the system. This is the stage where the team has to become creative in finding new ways to do things better, cheaper or faster. In this phase team answers the question “ What needs to be done to improve the process?”

C stands for Control phase –

In this phase the team implements the solutions and transfers the ownership to the responsible owner. The team puts a control plan in place to monitor on going performance.

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