Picture1Digital marketing is a common term these days. As much as it is being used, different people have different meaning attached to it.So, what is Digital Marketing and what does it entail? Marketing, in layman terms, is used to promote a brand or create a product or brand awareness. As a result, the targeted audience buys or recommends the product or service.

Digital marketing is about using digital media to influence the users, buyers, and specific targeted audience.It leverages the use of electronic devices- Laptops, tablets, phones, etc. to provide an experience that influences a specific audience to respond or to take action.

Broadly digital Marketing mix comprises of:

  • Email Marketing:If you have opened your inbox lately, you might have seen some mass emails- which have been sent to lots of email accounts apart from yours. It has been estimated that driving qualified traffic to your website is only half the battle. If you wish to make the user buy something, then a strategic email marketing campaign can boost up your sales. Hence sometimes you get to know about a service right in your inbox.
  • Search Engine optimisation: if you have a product or a service, it needs to have search visibility. Because only the products and services in limelight can be bought. Hence SEO or search engine optimisation has maintained itself as a powerful digital marketing strategy.
  • Social Media Marketing: Social media today is a must for creating brand awareness.Social media creates new opportunities for businesses to interact with customers, potential clients and get first hand reviews of their services or products. Facebook, Twitter, pinterest, tumblr, etc. are all social media marketing tools.
  • Content marketing:As the famous saying goes, ‘Content is the king these days’, it actually is.It is estimated that 86% of businesses these days, use content marketing (through impactful blogs, engaging information on their website, creating visual content) to establish themselves as leaders within their business verticals.
  • Others, yet crucial: We have talked about internet side of digital marketing. But there are other sources as well. Internet is the channel that is most closely associated with digital marketing, but there are others including text messaging, mobile instant messaging, mobile apps, podcasts, digital television and radio channels, etc. Text messaging is the brief instant information relay which could be used for any quick news regarding sales, offers or brand awareness. Digital television, podcasts and radio channels are playing their part when consumers are travelling or driving and still wish to access useful information.

Before deciding which digital marketing strategy you should use for your product or service, it is crucial to understand 4 key things:

  • What is your message?
  • Who is your customer? Where are they found? For instance, are they active on social media or check their mobiles often or read blogs and websites for recommendations?
  • How should you reach them?
  • What should you measure and how?

Today, Digital channel is the first touch point for the potential customer to get the complete 360 degree view of the product or service. Digital marketing is also the leverage that businesses have as they can influence the buyer behaviour through proper digital marketing strategy.The customer has limitless choices, thanks to the digital world. However, it is upto the digital marketing strategiststo understand the customer journey, customer expectations and plan desired outcomes through various channels.

Digital marketing comprises use of rich content- something that people really care about and then it is about delivering that content at the time and digital location where your customers expect it.

On the other side, digital marketing should be sensitive- in the sense you should not overwhelm the prospective customer with extensive content. This might impact the business negatively.The idea behind digital marketing should be to keep it simple.

The audience need to be given the message so that they consider you as a valuable resource. Digital marketing should be aimed to enhance the experience of the end user in terms of educating him, providing relevant information or recommendations.

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