PPC-MistakesIts been 9 years in the industry & have seen many google adwords account. Basis my experience I am listing out few PPC mistakes that one has to avoid while working on account.

1. Geographical Targeting: Many people forget to check this feature & there ads run on global setting. Geographical targeting allows you to target your ads to display to users in the area/location that is most accurate to your businesses reach. However, if your business is international then perhaps targeting global is the best idea. For e.g if you have a pet shop in delhi only, targeting whole india will not work. You will loose money with no conversions.

2.Negative Keywords: Add negative keywords to eliminate your ads appearing for irrelevant searches. Having relevant keywords that are targeted and added as a tightly controlled match type isn’t enough.For example, if you want to target the search term “Washing Machine Noida” and have the keyword selected as phrase match, your ad still might appear for “Second Hand Washing Machine Noida”. You know you don’t have second Washing Machine, so it would be advisable to add ‘Second Hand’ as a negative keyword to ensure your ads don’t appear for second hand related searches.

3. Ad Extensions: Ad extensions shows extra information. One can add them manually or automate them. Extensions can help in improving CTR(click thorough rate), which
means more clicks & more customers.Its also helps in gaining higher ad rank when competing with same bid and quality ad. There are 10 different ad extensions you can use in your ads:

  • Sitelinks
  • Location
  • Call
  • App
  • Reviews
  • Callouts
  • Consumer ratings
  • Previous visit annotations
  • Seller rating
  • Social

4.Using too many or too few ads: Running only 1 ad per adgroup is not advised. It could be risky, because if the ad isn’t the most appealing ad around it will be the only ad that gets impressions & no conversions. Running too many ads limits the best performing ad, mainly because it won’t get as much display time while it is rotating with other weaker performing ads. It would be best to have 2-3 ads running, test them, and replace the weaker performing one.

5. Mobile Ads: Mobile advertising is getting bigger & bigger each year. You are definitely missing some customers if you are not marketing on mobile. But you should be aware before going for mobile ads. It is not necessary if something work on desktop will work on mobile also. One needs to change UI as per mobile experience.

These are few important mistakes that one needs to take care.  Managing PPC campaigns can be complex & need lot of attention to avoid losses. One need to manage campaign actively to attain success.

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MBA in Marketing, having 9 years of experience in Digital Marketing in various domains like e-commerce, web hosting, travel, managed services, lead generation etc.

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