slide62Productivity usually makes all the difference to a company’s bottom line, but “WASTE & VARIATION” are inherent in all processes. High-performing companies excel in part because they execute day-to-day business processes better than their competitors. Creating and defending operational advantage is both more important and more difficult to achieve than ever. It requires mastering repetitive processes that deliver value to customers, the organization itself and shareholders.

Leanis about changing culture in the organisation,

  • it is a systematic approach to identify & eliminate waste through continuous improvement, creating flow at the pull of the customer in pursuit of perfection.”
  • It is a Philosophy of continuous improvement that is learned by doing.
  • Lean is about “Tacit” knowledge, not explicit procedural knowledge,

Six Sigma is a disciplined methodology to eliminate ‘Variation’ from  any  process based on statistical thinking of Defining, Measuring, Analyzing, Improving and Controlling the quality of products, processes with the goal of eliminating virtually all Defects.

Lean Six Sigma” is an approach for Business Performance Improvement that blends the benefits of both Lean mfg. and Six Sigma. Lean focuses on eliminating waste from a process, reducing mfg. lead times adds value to the customer. Six Sigma’s strength is to streamline processes by reducing variation. The goal is to make ‘Zero Defect’ parts. Lean concepts six sigma tools are simple yet very powerful requires high commitment to practice & work towards common GOAL. Lean and Six Sigma complement each other, as Lean accelerates Six Sigma, delivering greater results than what would typically be achieved by Lean or Six Sigma individually.

Lean + 6s = Reliable Quality@ High Speed

 Implementing lean & six sigma can really help because it pushes lean down to everyone involved,” lean concepts have significance for everyone from the management team to machine operators in the Gemba. It allows everyone to demo their skills, requires clear and enough understanding in the lean systems & six sigma tools before going ahead with implementation.

In today’s highly competitive world where organizations facing rising costs every day, Lean Six Sigma allows to combat problems in a systematic manner and grow. It requires high commitment from Top management because the organization experiences a Paradigm shift in fixing products & Processes, so they produce the Quality as coveted by the customer.

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An accomplished professional with 24 years of experience in New Product Development, Lean Manufacturing,Tool design, Process Improvement, Team Training on Lean Mfg, 6Sigma, & ‘A3’ Problem solving methodology.

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