Outsourcing-Human-ResourcesIT arena is going through a paradigm shift as business leaders, stakeholders and IT organisations are redefining the use of technology. With increasing demands of today’s businesses, IT which was once entirely populated by highly technical professionals, is now morphing into a more flexible force of business savvy, client facing, commercially equipped IT Professionals.

Despite the on-going economic turmoil, the process of hiring high-performance IT professionals and managers becomes even more crucial. To manage projects, respond to market pressures and grow in today’s business world, companies are required to offer a comprehensive suite of system and software solutions that can help their clients scale their business and increase productivity. As a result expectations on applications have moved beyond data driven guidance, analytics, mobility and seamless integration across devices.”
Basically anything that makes the end user experience easy and visually appealing is what companies are seeking and to do that they need right talent.

The perception among prospective candidates seems to be that the sky has more shades of grey and that they shouldn’t even consider making a move. However, there is a demand for positions that require a mix of technological sophistication and commercial business acumen.”

Sixty per cent of executives in UK rely on short-term hiring strategies. They start looking for candidates only as openings arise. At this stage, the company or the recruiter increasingly approach candidates, mostly in frenzy. But hiring in this form often results in dip in productivity or performance. Often, this results in position being open again. There is a tendency for repetitive process which yields marginal results to begin with.HR Cult promotes talent warehousing and sees it becoming a very prominent part of every recruitment campaign.

Far too many companies are still not using the internship programs. A well-structured and closely monitored internship program can help build talent funnel for companies. Today young people are tech savvy and can write codes even before they finish school. If properly groomed, given right training, they can prove to be the right talent for the companies.
There is further a need for retaining the baby boomers in some form as consultants or project specialists or contractors. This sect of people come with plethora of knowledge, experience and have a lot to offer in a mentor- mentee relationship.

In these uncertain times, companies need strong managers who can lead others and enhance productivity.  Right talent fitment comes when the recruiter matches job role with the core competencies of the candidate profile – not by CV matching but by using their understanding of the requirement, client expectations and candidate profiles.

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Neeti Keswani is a passionate writer and trainer with 11+ years of experience in the industry. She has worked with global conglomerates like GE, Polaris, Standard Chartered Bank, Hewitt Associates.She is presently working freelancing for various online media, both here in India and London, UK. She has solid HR, Marketing and Operations management background.She has innate ability to translate technology into compelling simple messages. Her extensive business partnering experience to develop sustainable relationships with clients at CXO levels has helped her gain insights and develop effective solutions for clients.She writes and speaks fervently on current topics of importance to global companies. Her bespoke style of training instantly connects the trainees with the subject.

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