Digital-marketing-2 Whatever be the nature of your business, digital marketing has become a necessity. Many brick-and-mortar businesses think that they do not need digital presence.


A brick-and-mortar business is one that doesn’t do any type of business using the internet or online medium. For instance, if you own a retail chain or a restaurant chain that doesn’t have any type of online presence then you are running a brick-and-mortar business. The term brick-and-mortar was first used to distinguish physical retail stores from online retail stores.Now coming back to the issue of digital marketing; suppose there is a brick-and-mortar restaurant that doesn’t have any online presence whatsoever. The customers of the restaurant come to its place, order their food and eat it in its premises.


The owner or management of such a restaurant is of the view that they do not need any form of digital marketing. This view is fallacious. By promoting their restaurant business online, on social media platforms like Facebook, they can reach their target audience more effectively. They can spread word about their restaurant more effectively among their target audience. They can increase the visibility of their business by getting themselves registered on an online restaurant guide like Zomato. And all this can be done without incurring any great expenditure. Digital marketing can be done at a fraction of the cost of traditional mass media marketing.


Having a website of the brick-and-mortar business can increase the effectiveness of digital marketing and overall marketing. So for instance, customers who go and eat at the restaurant that we talk about can go to the website of the restaurant afterwards and give their feedback. Prospective customers can check the website and get an idea about the ambiance, menu and prices of the restaurant. Having a website will enable the restaurant business to enhance its interaction with customers. This will lead to higher customer satisfaction. Higher customer satisfaction will mean higher customer loyalty, more revenues and more profits.


Digital marketers can enhance their marketing messages and advertisements by increasing the visual content. Images and videos make the campaign more interesting and engaging for the target audience.Digital marketing should also be done on the mobile platform. A large number of consumers now access the internet through their smartphone. Marketing campaigns should be especially designed for smartphone platform.


The issue of Native Advertising should be kept in mind during digital marketing. Native advertising means matching the look and form of the advertisement to the platform on which it is appearing. So an advertisement appearing on Facebook should be compatible with the look and format of Facebook in order to be more effective.



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2 thoughts on “Why brick-and-mortar businesses need digital marketing?

  1. One more reason could be the fact that their customers are going online to read reviews about restaurants, type of food they have to offer, ambiance, etc. before deciding where they would go. Digital Marketing is not always about increasing revenues, it is also about being visible where your customers are.

    • Yes, you are right. Lot of information is now being sought on the Internet and reviews are extremely important for decision making by consumers. That is why companies like Zomato are being valued so high!
      Thanks for your views.

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