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Certificate Dispatch


  • Once the candidate has successfully cleared the examination, the certificate is dispatched by International Academy to the registered Address of the candidate.
  • Candidate is required to confirm the name that needs to be printed on the certificate as well as the postal address.
  • Once certificate is dispatched, a confirmation e-mail with courier details is sent to the candidate.
  • To track your certificate, log onto and enter the AWB or consignment number.
  • International Academy is not responsible in case name or address provided by the candidate is improper or incomplete. Candidate is requested to make arrangements to ensure that the packet is collected at the given address.
  • In case certificate is returned due to non-delivery, packet would be sent again by courier company.
  • In case candidate does not receive certificate within 7-10 working days of receiving courier details, please contact us at

Collaborator Courses

  • Certificates for collaborator courses are made available to International Academy after signing by relevant faculty members. This process takes time - upto 3 months after completion of examination.
  • In case of delays, candidates can directly follow up with the required institute as well.
  • Candidates are requested to show patience in this process. Repeated mails and telephone calls does not help expediete the process.

In this Section

Assignment Submission

Assignment submission for International Academy courses is optional.

Online Examination

Candidates can give the online examination on a chosen date / time within the course duration.

Validate Certificate

This will authenticate the certificate issued to the individual.