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Training in International Trade, Import & Export

Import export business also known as international trading, are one of the hottest commercial trends of this decade and has been an integral part of our lives for a very long time. 

To be in business one has to be the best at it and to be the best one has to have all the knowledge pertaining to it.

Table Of Content

International Trade:

  1. International Economic Environment
  2. International Trade- Reasons and Motivation
  3. Emerging Trends in International Trade
  4. Relations between Economic Giants
  5. Relations between Developed & Developing Nations
  6. Impact of Trade and Import Liberalization in India
  7. Impact of Arrival of MNCs
  8. Role of Government in Foreign Trade
  9. Instruments of Payments
  10. Balance of Payments
  11. Regional Trading Blocks
  12. Regulatory Institutions of International Trade
  13. Role of WTO, IMF, World Bank

In this course, you will get the knowledge and insights about international trade that can help you to excel and make a career in this industry.

Export Finance & Documentation:

  1. Export Credit System in India
  2. Exchange Rate Policy & Regulation
  3. Letters of Credit
  4. Cargo Insurance
  5. Insurance Claim Procedure
  6. Export Sales Contract
  7. Exchange Control Regulations
  8. Foreign Exchange and Exchange Rates
  9. Export Finance
  10. Export Documentation Framework
  11. Customs Clearance of Cargo
  12. Role of Freight Forwarder
  13. Shipping Terms

In this course, you will get the knowledge and insights about export finance and documentation that can help you to excel and make a career in this industry.

Import Procedures & Documentation

  1. Stages of Import Procedure
  2. Principal Laws and Export–Import Policy
  3. Licence Application Fees
  4. Imports under Special Scheme
  5. Selecting the Overseas Suppliers
  6. Finalizing the Terms of Import
  7. Payments against Imports
  8. Scrutiny of Documents and Retirement of Documents
  9. Customs Clearance of Imported Goods
  10. Classification of Customs Tariff
  11. Warehousing
  12. Imports through Courier
  13. Import of Samples and Prototypes

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Course Duration
3 Month
Course Rating

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Sreelekshmi SL  

The basic material was simple in language. Even though the questions during examination was not exclusively on the basis of the material, it helped to understand the concept. I would suggest to include some scenarios as well in the material to accurately understand the practical application of theories

Total 101 Recommendation