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Software Quality Assurance

  • The program sharpens your skills of maintaining software quality.
  • You will be able developing better quality plans for your product.
  • SQA offers you a promising career in the related fields.
  • International Academy brings you quality learning in SQA field.
  • Easy learning with flexible payment options.
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Course Description

Software quality assurance (SQA) consists of a means of monitoring the software engineering processes and methods used to ensure quality. The methods by which this is accomplished are many and varied, and may include ensuring conformance to one or more standards, such as ISO 9000 or a model such as CMMI.

SQA encompasses the entire software development process, which includes processes such as requirements definition, software design, coding, source code control, code reviews, change management, configuration management, testing, release management, and product integration. SQA is organized into goals, commitments, abilities, activities, measurements, and verifications.

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Table of Content

Part I. Introduction

Chapter 1. The Software Quality Challenge

Chapter 2. What is Software Quality?

Chapter 3. Software Quality Factors

Chapter 4. The Components of the Software Quality Assurance System – Overview

Part II. Pre-Project Software Quality Components

Chapter 5. Contract Review

Chapter 6. Development and Quality Plans

Part III. SQA Components in the Project Life Cycle

Chapter 7. Integrating Quality Activities in the Project Life Cycle

Chapter 8. Reviews

Chapter 9. Software Testing – Strategies

Chapter 10. Software Testing– Implementation

Chapter 11. Assuring the Quality of Software Maintenance Components

Chapter 12. Assuring the Quality of External Participants’ Contributions

Chapter 13. CASE Tools and Their Effect on Software Quality

Part IV. Software Quality Infrastructure Components

Chapter 14. Procedures and Work Instructions

Chapter 15. Supporting Quality Devices

Chapter 16. Staff Training and Certification

Chapter 17. Corrective and Preventive Actions

Chapter 18. Configuration Management

Chapter 19. Documentation Control

Part V. Management Components of Software Quality

Chapter 20. Project Progress Control

Chapter 21. Software Quality Metrics

Chapter 22. Costs of Software Quality

Part VI. Standards, Certification and Assessment

Chapter 23. Quality Management Standards

Chapter 24. SQA Project Process Standards – IEEE Software Engineering Standards

Part VII. Organizing for Quality Assurance

Chapter 25. Management and Its Role in Software Quality Assurance

Chapter 26. The SQA Unit and Other Actors in the SQA System

Epilogue The future of SQA

  1. Facing the Future: SQA Challenges
  2. Facing the Future: SQA Capabilities
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Key Deliverables

  • Pay as you learn - Interest-FREE Instalment Plan
  • Support from subject matter experts through call and mail
  • Sample questions for better preparation
  • Certification for candidates scoring more than 40% marks in the exam
  • Dummy Projects and Industry related project support available.

Course Packages

Distance Course:

  • Study material couriered to your address.
  • Support from subject matter experts on e-mail.
  • Sample questions for preparation.
  • Facility for taking online exam any time after completion of the training.
  • Certification for candidates scoring more than 40% marks in the exam.
  • Limited period discounts available. For more information call now

Course Eligibility

There is no eligibility criteria for this course.

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Software Quality Assurance (SQA) is a process for ensuring that software is being developed according to the quality specifications set for it. It is a continuous process during software development. The objective behind SQA is to ensure high quality software development. The tools of software testing are employed at every stage of software development in SQA.

In SQA a software moves to the next stage of development only after the previous stage is as per quality specifications. An SQA process can also follow established standards like ISO 9000 or CMMI while testing quality.

This trainee program gives one knowledge about every aspect of SQA. After doing this training program one becomes adept in areas like Software Testing, Defect Prevention and Process Improvement, Software Inspection and Software Reliability Engineering.

The duration of this training program is 3 months. After completing this training successfully, one gets a certification in SQA from International Academy.

India has emerged as a major hub of software development & services. Indian software companies like TCS, Infosys etc .are struggling to deliver high quality software to global clients on a continuous basis.Sometimes quality failures result in the entire software project getting delayed. Recently a major Indian software company had to pay huge multi-million dollar penalty to a client in America because of its inability to deliver software in time.

In such a scenario there is considerable demand for good quality SQA experts. This training program can open a plethora of job opportunities for you in the software sector.

Those already working in the software sector should do this training program to gain knowledge and understanding of SQA. If you are a fresher or are looking for a better job then you should do this training program. If you are interested in a career in the software sector then you should do this training program.

If you are an upstart software company then you should get your employees involved in software development do this training program. International Academy’s competency lies in conducting this training program for employees of companies.

International Academy is a leader in training & skills development. Its SQA program is best in class. After undergoing this training program successfully one gets a certification in SQA from International Academy. This certification is widely recognized and respected in the job market.

International Academy is promoted and led by alumni of IIT (Delhi), MIT (Boston) and IIM (Calcutta). It is presently India’s largest education company for working professionals. It has provided training & certification to more than 60000 working professionals. It provides training & certification in more than 80 areas. The certification given by it is often in collaboration with top institutes of India.

International Academy’s clientele is not limited to India but extends across the globe. In 2012 International Academy won the Red Herring Top 100 Asia Award for innovation in the field of training & education. International Academy is ISO 9001 certified by TUV-SVD. It is registered with National Skill Development Agency, Government of India. Its commitment and record on quality is also reflected by the fact that it is a member of American Society of Quality (ASQ).

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Enrolment Options

You can enroll for our courses by paying through the following options:

  • You can pay online using - credit card / debit card / net banking
  • You can deposit cash in HDFC or ICICI branch. Please remember to email us a copy of the deposit slip.
  • You can drop a cheque in either HDFC or ICICI (ATM / bank branch).
  • You can courier the cheque to our office and we will take care of the rest.
  • Payment can be made for the appropriate amount depending on which option you decide to take.

* Pricing of some of the programs may vary. Please contact us for more details


Avinash singh

Course delivery was good teacher was also very cooperative.

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Nishi Kant Bhardwaj

very convenient, comprehensive and prompt.

Vivek Joshi

Study material needs to have detailed information for better preparation.Kindly share the total correct ans of the test...

Rupesh Waghray

Course was very good. I submitted my photo 4 times now.. two hard copies at classroom sessions and by email. Still at t...

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Gurpreet Rekhi

Excellent support and coordination from International Academy and training as well

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Aryan Panwar

It was good experience

Mamta Singh

PPT of Agile is good. content of course if good. way of presentation by trainer is good.

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Aravind GS

The course was designed is well paced manner, the support from International Academy team has been great. Thanks

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Roudra Chakraborty

Pros: 1. Awesome course. 2. Test pattern is very user friendly. Cons: 1. Course Material should be more example oriente...

Ramesh Walia

“It is a very useful course. The information given in the online course is simple to understand and complete in nature.

Course Duration
3 Month
Course Rating

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