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Young Turks

Excerpt: The Promoters are interviewed by leading anchor, Shereen Bhan, on CNBC TV18 popular program Young Turks. In the 15 minute interview which was scheduled in the gardens of the Grand Hyatt New Delhi, Shereen quizzes the promoters on the journey thus far and the challenges that lie ahead. The interview was shot over several days and across several locations. It not only included a visit to one of the client offices but also captured the promoters at their homes and pursuing their favourite hobbies. Since then the promoters have been part of the 'Young Turks' alumni and meet other promoters regularly at functions hosted by Shereen and her team.

Unique Opportunity in Skill Development

Excerpt: Education is said to be the sunrise industry in India with a large young and growing population base. The opportunity in the skill-based training and education even remains untapped. However, the growing job market competitiveness will drive demand for better-skilled, better-trained and certified professionals at all levels of enterprise hierarchy. This has begun to assert demand of skill enhancement education programmes.

In this space New Delhi-based International Academy is a pioneer. It has created an entirely new category of skill training and certification programmes for working professionals in the age group of 25 to 50 yrs across different verticals like quality management, technology, finance, operations, project management, sales and marketing,, to name a few.

As of today, International Academy operates over 80 professional skill training and certification programmes through e-learning and class room coaching. For those with passion for knowledge and education, and understanding of the potential market for skill development, this can be an edifying enterprise.

Little Guys, Big Punch

Excerpt: Andersen might have faded into oblivion but Andersenites are rising once again. Corporate Dossier takes a look at the number of 'Little Andys' which have sprung up from the ashes of Andersen India.

Changing the Rules

Excerpt: "The idea is to unfreeze learning. In our years spent working with global players, there was limited implementation. We are working the other way round - we work closely with the company on a project to ensure that the desired result is delivered and at much lower costs".

We are keen on working with smaller companies. "It is in the Rs 200-crore to Rs.300crore company that the real management challenges lie and these are not being addressed. Every time we approach a client with our model, we meet success. However, we ensure that we select clients with a sense of urgency in wanting to change and grow" they said, as they look out for companies that have ambition and fire in the belly.

The Risk Takers

Excerpt: After completing his MBA, a business of his own was the last thing on his mind. In retrospect, he feels the reasons for this were simple. Institutes don't do enough to kindle the entrepreneurial spirit, students opt for specific courses to improve their grades rather than to learn, and the academic environment kills any risk-taking appetite. So like the 324 batchmates of his, he went through campus interviews and joined a global consulting firm. The experience gave him the confidence to start his own firm.

A Positive Catalyst

Excerpt: The firm's focus is performance improvement. In terms of industries, focus is on consumer markets (durables, FMCG, retail, and logistics) and industrial markets (pharma, agribusiness, textiles, chemicals, automotive). Aiming to expand its team rapidly, they feel that there's enough scope for a firm like theirs. "Our model would significantly open up the market in India especially for the SME sector and for family run businesses"

IIM Entrepreneurial Grads

Excerpt: IIMs can boast of creating some really good entrepreneurs, as the whole selection process of CAT churns out the creamy layer. Several hundreds of the best minds are brought together at each of the IIM campuses and at the end of the course, each student competes with his friends for some of the most prestigious jobs across the globe. "The courses are tough and the professors are tougher. The idea is to harden an IIM graduate so that he/she is well equipped to handle any challenge in the corporate world. It is difficult for other institutes to replicate this, since they are unable to attract so many bright students."

Corporate GenNext

Excerpt: "I think it's a fallacy to believe that the right channel for spending money in social sector is the government. In fact, the government is the most inefficient allocator of resources. It's not about the outlays, it's about the outcome and they have never got the outlays right anyway. The government needs to create an enabling environment, in which other mechanisms work and not actually start collecting taxes and funds"

Supposing that the delivery mechanism is not with the government, who is going to fund this? "The government can do funding directly. But what they need to do is actually create an environment in which private enterprises thrive, the self-help groups thrive and the NGOs thrive - or by definition, the non-government sector can do a lot. But the enabling environment is not there."