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Online Examination


Online examination is conducted on

Candidates can give the online examination on a chosen date / time within the course duration.

The duration, number of questions and pass percentage vary from course to course. For exam information on specific course, please check with your counselor.

Examination are of multiple choice questions with no negative marking. The questions and answers are shuffled. The result (pass/fail) is shown to the candidate at the end of the exam. As per International Academy policy, answers are not shown to the candidates. All exams are timed and expire after the alloted time is completed.

The exam score is printed on all certificates issued by International Academy.

Candidate needs to ensure that examination is given from a place which has power and internet backup. In case of power failure, the exam clock will continue.


No re-exam is allowed in case of collaborator courses.

For International Academy courses, candidates can sit for a re-exam after paying the corresponding fee. Most candidates sit for the reexam to improve their previous score.

Diploma Courses

Examinations are held at specific centers across India.

Examination venue is provided to all candidates 10 days prior to the exam.

Examination duration is of 1 Hour with multiple choice questions and no negative marking.

The exam carries a weightage of 80 marks.

The candidate is requested to inform the institute once the online exam has been completed by sending an email to

In this Section

Assignment Submission

Assignment submission for International Academy courses is optional.

Certificate Dispatch

Once the candidate has successfully cleared the examination, the certificate is dispatched by International Academy.

Validate Certificate

This will authenticate the certificate issued to the individual.